A query into the current state of Korean America in the San Francisco Bay Area was undertaken so that a leading Korean American community center could realign its programs and services to again become relevant to its constituency. In this work, we reached out to a full range of Korean Americans who were active in their social networks to understand impressions of the Korean Center and the needs of the Bay Area Korean American community.


Findings from this research revealed that education and language created two entirely different community needs. For those with lower educational levels and language issues, there was need for the full spectrum of non church-affiliated in-language social programs and services. Those with higher levels of education with English fluency felt a need for an information clearinghouse about the various community organizations and events, small business assistance, and legal information. Younger Korean Americans specifically sought networking and mentorship opportunities with more established community members as well as opportunities to become involved with community organizations.


This research was used to inform the strategic planning process the organization was preparing to undertake.