jay hasbrouck, ph.d.

“Our species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.” — Mary Catherine Bateson


Jay, founding partner at EthnoWorks, started as Pathfinding at Facebook in November 2019. His email contact is jay@fb.com. 

Jay is a research strategist and anthropologist whose work informs the design process by driving key social insights into new product, concept, and systems development.

His work has been critical to ensuring that new product and service ideas are culturally appropriate and rooted in insights based on naturally occurring behaviors. Key projects have included applying research and strategic planning to: new health care and wellness models for a major hospital chain, environmental regulatory compliance plans for industry groups, government outreach programs to encourage energy conservation, technology platforms for home energy management, and community planning for the development of an eco-tourism-based economy. Jay has also published works in the areas of sustainability, technology, and visual methods.

He has conducted fieldwork in Egypt, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, and the United States for clients in healthcare, government, technology, tourism, health and beauty, and home care. Positions at IDEO, Intel’s User Experience Group, USC’s Center for Sustainable Cities, and California Institute of the Arts have informed his perspective along the way.