2015 – 2016

This project was designed and conducted by EthnoWorks to provide a rich, empirically grounded understanding of pet (mostly dog) adopters and shelter staff around the process of pet adoption. By gaining insight into adopter concerns, needs, and degree of openness to new products and services during the adoption process, we were able to offer a series of key findings that helped Pethealth improve, better market, and innovate its suite of product and service offerings, including insurance and other pet care services. Methods used in the project included shadowing and interviewing adopters in two different shelters to assess their experience and document the adoption process flow. Our analysis of data resulted in documentation of adopters’ journeys at each shelter as well as behavioral insights into different types of adopters and their approaches to ‘parenting,’ trusted sources, emotional return, and stories as key influences on the adoption process. Design principles were then developed to provide actionable recommendations for product, and product positioning, adaptations.