Birth trauma training dummies

As part of this larger grant focusing on improving outcomes of birth trauma, Ethnoworks visited five hospital sites to conduct observations, evaluations, and in-depth interviews with participating physicians and nurses. The goals were 1) to gauge clinicians’ responses to the various training bundles; 2) to gain insights into the impact of training on the functioning of the labor & delivery units; 3) to understand clinicians’ experiences and handling of birth trauma events. In addition, the team also explored opportunities for improvement and evaluated the larger impact of the study at each site.

While there are differences in size, staff make-up and “culture” within the five participating sites, the response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly to the simulation training. One of the most valuable benefits of the training has been improved communication among physicians, nurses, and the entire care team, which has produced unit cultures based on teamwork. This is a significant shift in patient care, and benefits have reached far beyond the scope of this project, not only in terms of changes in participating labor and delivery units, but also the ripple effects the project has had within participating hospitals, including:

  • Increased physician-nurse communication
  • Nurse empowerment
  • Increased preparedness and confidence among all staff
  • Common language
  • Lower stress/anxiety among staff
  • Increased openness among staff and patients
  • Consistent documentation